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                                       FORECASTING OF MANKIND TRANSFORMATION

                   (commissioned by the Presidium of the World Intellectual Elite Union)

          The Presidium of the World Intellectual Elite Union and other persons have appealed to the author to present forecasting of mankind transformation for the next century. This is no easy task. And I don’t want to be like the prophets, soothsayers, although sometimes such statement is also acceptable. Especially I do not want to let in the mist like Nostradamus and many others doing not specify the exact place and time of events.

         As a popular exposition, I will try to avoid the scientific presentation and special approaches. Only I remark what my approach and my research are different from ones by known futurists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, astrologers and clairvoyants, performing regularly with the predictions in the media.

        I do not think that the approach suggesting mankind itself defines its development and transformation, or favorite persons, or some supernatural or otherworldly power, define ones is right.

Whether we consider the evolution of the universe, stellar or planetary evolution, or the evolution of cells, or a set of elementary particles everywhere on closer investigation we reveal the presence of both known given program, and the choice of one or another branch of the program in the course of development. Therefore, the total determinism, fatality and the absolute stochasticity, randomness are extreme cases which in this case simply do not fit. The evolution of programs can be represented as the growth of the tree structure, each branch of which has in turn its branching occurring at the nodes. As Confucius said, wisdom comes from the observation of how and what to grow. Before me, prediction was based on extrapolation methods (continuation of previously established patterns). So pretty quickly the discrepancy between theoretical predictions and the actual course of events arose. The result of my research was the discovery of laws in mathematical forms how programs of various objects were branching with nodes occurring. Instead of a continuous extension of the fragmented course of events we made ​​possible the calculation of fracture splitting, occurring nodes, bifurcations and polifurcations until the transition to chaos. This new method allows to predict the whole life cycle of the object. It is revealed a surprising unity of laws for the mass spectrum of elementary particles, the mass spectrum of the planets, the spectrum of nodes and branches of plants, the evolution of cells, organs and groups.

All these laws are associated with the transition of primary perfect symmetry into the broken symmetry and asymmetry , i.e., in mathematical words, are descript by the series and integrals derived from the Fibonacci series and their generalizations. Simplifying, every program can be represented as sets the overall direction of the tree crown, inside the crown there are branches, branching at the nodes, in turn, into smaller ones. Crowns and its components are defined almost deterministically, whereas the actual chain of events is represented as trajectory inside the crown and looks as probabilistic, random, not always conforming to the laws. Nevertheless one can calculate key events with high accuracy (with an error of a few days). Spatial and temporal rhythms have also been established with regard to the history of mankind . Interested persons can read the details on the website of the author (;;;; com / site / theopenworlduniversity /).

Let's consider the presentation of the main applications for the mankind transformation.

          In 2013 an important bifurcation process of historical development has ended with the transition to the so-called deterministic chaos. Without tiring the reader by terminology, models and scientific presentation, I remark that in 2014 a 25-year period of transformation within the chaos has begun.

Content analysis of events, of course, is based on the historical, sociological, political and economic factography in global macro-scale.

       There are five geopolitical and macroeconomic clusters defining the global development:

1) Europe, with 27% of world GDP, conducting a policy of integration and becoming a global reference point and a leader in many areas;

2) The United States, having a quarter of the world's GDP, disgruntled reduction of its leadership and conducting a policy of maintaining their dominance and weakening of competitors;

3) China, India, South-East Asia, Brazil, showing significant growth and combining "socialism above" and "capitalism below ';

4) Japan which has 9% of global GDP and sticking to their particular course;

5) other countries subdivided into 5 subclusters ("sustainability" subcluster which includes Canada, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.; subcluster of countries supporting Islam; subcluster of independently behaved and neutral self-sufficient countries; subcluster of underdeveloped countries searching its ways; and subcluster of 5 post-Soviet totalitarian-feudal countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan).

In this case, the rhythm of the third cluster is characterized by a "split" of 25 –years-dominant period, i.e., 12-13 years old.

         The dominant rhythm was established in the early twentieth century, and it is as follows: 1914, 1939, 1964, 1989, 2014, 2039.

Exciting period 2014-2038, unfortunately, is full of chaotic and, therefore, unpredictable phenomena. But the main features and events are discernible very transparent. In general, this period can be called ones discrediting states and their rulers, the period of transition from centralized to local government, of referendums and parade of sovereignties in the decay of empires, and of the empires resistance, therefore, as the chain of revolutions and civil wars. The United States and Russia decay processes with the new states forming will be in the form of vortices, turbulence . Both states will resist fiercely and strongly . This will cause the violent processes.

Already, both states support the current procedure and the current government and oppose the destruction of the integrity of states. Although recently the United States had a priority of human rights and freedoms, then in 2014 in connection with the Ukrainian revolutionary events the United States and other NATO countries have dramatically changed their priorities bringing in the first place the integrity of the state. Caucasian War and the annexation of the Crimea by Russia also held under the slogan of the integrity of the Russian state. Thus, in the post-Soviet space Putinism and Western policy are same in its main content and coincided in the same direction.

Of course, there is difference between Putinism and politics of the West.

Thus, the United States supports the current government only of friendly countries but in hostile countries, by contrast, is undermining their authorities and supports the revolutionary processes, trying to export democracy, while Putinism is afraid of revolutions and has a clear tendency to conservatism, totalitarianism, feudalism, criminality, lies and other vices. The West still does not understand that the necessary form of government and revolution should ripen inside countries by their laws. Both the United States and Russia counteracting the natural historical programs and processes come to the exact opposite, undesirable for their purposes: they consolidate by their behavior opposition forces, irritate these forces accelerating and intensifying the revolution and war. Such is the dialectic of the historical process.

          And the main sociological law (without loss of achievements and contributions of Marx, Weber, Domhoff and other sociologists we note that we are talking about the dialectics of changing the dominant in mass of contradictions) was changed: previously the class contradiction between capitalists and workers was dominated, and then one between the oligarchy and the enslaved masses, but now due to the increasing role of the intellectual elite the dominant motive became a contradiction within the ruling elite, especially between intellectual scientific, technological, informational elite, on the one hand, and economic, financial and political elite, on the other hand. The contradiction between the oligarchy and the masses becomes secondary. The distance between the elite and the masses is more and more increasing. Elite becomes isolated human subspecies which can use all the scientific achievements, and the elite will be able to become immortal and genetically perfected demigods while the masses will serve only biomaterial and will be manipulated and guided socio-political tool.

Nevertheless, there is light at the end of the tunnel: after independence and the exhaustion of economic opportunities in the local regions all the countries will easily integrate into any global state abolishing borders, armies, weapons, wars. So it will demand higher intellectual manager, a single ruler combining features and programs of Alexander Macedonian and Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Mao Tse-tung but doing not bet on military force, doing bet on science and new technologies. By 2039 the scientific and technological elite can solve all the problems of mankind, create new biorobotic species, individuals who may be transformed and live forever. In short, this brilliant ruler is one who will come and who was named Antichrist by world religions, and this era was named the Apocalypse. In fact, precisely because of anti-scientific attitude and servility for authorities world religions produce many-headed Antichrist ,Dajjal within them. Indeed, the question arises what price mankind to pay for solutions of their problems for a future quarter century. In addition, there will be serious geological changes on the planet.

If the human component will survive, unprecedented flourishing of arts, sciences and technology will happen in XXIV century ,and the era of true Renaissance will begin.

         On this lovely note it is appropriate to finish because further forecast will be looked too speculative.